We connect talent and companies using the power of web3 credentials

We believe that internet deserves an open API for everything.
Web3 credentials are the open API for your professional reputation.

We deserve better recognition for our achievements.
More than a gift card after you saved your whole team.
More than a pdf sent over an email for graduating university.
More than a useless piece of paper nobody will ever see, because work is digital in 2023.

We build a platform where your professional achievements are natively digital, verified and tied to your independent identity.

Our 2023 roadmap

We strive to build Mazury in the open, together with you. Feel free to give us feedback on the next features you want to see us build

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We are backed by top investors

With the support from the world class early stage and web3 investors we will not stop until you can apply to your dream job with just 1 click and few NFTs.

Grow your career on Mazury.Just connect your wallet.